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Readers tell us about their favorite Chicago movies and shows

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If cities had IMDb pages, the Windy City would have too many TV and film credits to count. We asked readers to post about their favorite Chicago-based movies and shows... And one starring a lovable truant emerged as the clear winner.

Lauren Juster,  Chicago 

The Fugitive 

I saw this movie well before I moved to Chicago and love rewatching it now as a long-time resident. The city plays an integral role in the plot and who can resist Harrison Ford trying to march in our St. Pat's parade? 

Lewis Berkover,  Naperville 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

It does a great job of showcasing the city and weaving certain features into the story. Plus, John Hughes went to my high school (Glenbrook North) and featured it throughout the film. 

Jordan Rafferty,  Chicago  

Wayne's World 

I like it because the movie has a strong moral undertone-while still being wildly entertaining. 

Nathan Benditzson,  Skokie  


The show has a great cast, great acting, and it's so fun to know that it was filmed in Chicago. I got to see them film a scene on the UIC campus when I was working at Metro Chicago Hillel! Plus, the actor Jeremy Allen White from Shameless stars in The Bear, another great Chicago show. 

Elana Tennenbaum,  Chicago 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

I love how the movie highlights the best parts of the city and celebrates all that Chicago has to offer. Even all these years later, the movie's backdrop is unmistakably Chicago. It's a classic! 

Robin Saichek,  Highland Park 

About Last Night 

It was all about dating in Chicago in the 80's. I did not live in Chicago yet, but it was what I imagined it to be in the city, on the North Side, and on Rush Street. The bars. Moving in together. Break ups. Your friends interfering. I love the ending with Debbie (played by Demi Moore) biking on the lakefront path and running into her ex, Danny (played by Rob Lowe), playing softball. It was so 'Chicago meet-cute!'  

Yogev Ben-Yitschak,  Chicago 


I really enjoyed the central themes of the movie around identity, adulthood, and social structure-and the importance of standing up for others. Also, there is a scene at Navy Pier, which I love! 

Melissa Rafson Friedman,  Glenview

Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

I had always loved Ferris Bueller's Day Off ever since my dad rented it for me the first time when I was home sick as a kid. I've seen it hundreds of times! Not being from Chicago originally, Chicago was just a place in the movies ( Home Alone, A League of Their Own, Rookie of the Year) . I even watched a scene for The Vow with Rachel McAdams filmed in front of my condo at the Music Box Theatre-fake snow and all! It's so interesting to live here, 12 years now, and know where the scenes from Ferris Bueller and other favorites took place. 

Hinda Rubin,  Skokie & Modiin, Israel 

Leave it to Beaver 

Some episodes of the show were filmed in Skokie. Both my husband and I enjoyed the show as kids. The Cleavers had a warm and loving home, and each episode entertained us, and taught values. Looking back on it today, we laugh and remember June Cleaver vacuuming in her beautiful clothes and pearl necklace. 

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