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We asked she answered!

Almost no topic is taboo in Sarah Silverman's comedy.  

As the Emmy-winning comedian, actress, writer, and producer once told Fresh Air's Terry Gross: "Because I think I'm a troublemaker inside, if someone says, 'Don't say that,' it's all I want to say…I learned in therapy [that] darkness can't exist in the light." 

In the wake of October 7, Silverman--a past YLD Big Event Fundraiser headliner--candidly spoke her mind, condemning the attacks and the enormous spike in global antisemitism. More recently, she apologized for sharing an online message dehumanizing Palestinians. 

During the pandemic, unable to perform comedy, Silverman launched The Sarah Silverman Podcast--which drops new episodes every Thursday--where she weighs in on a little bit of everything. It was during her podcast that she brought up the "Jewface" controversy, criticizing Hollywood's tendency for casting non-Jewish actors in Jewish roles. 

Last year, Silverman took her stand-up show on the road with her Sarah Silverman: Grow Some Lips Tour. She also recently appeared in Maestro, Bradley Cooper's critically-acclaimed biopic on famed composer Leonard Bernstein. 

Next up, she'll host the upcoming season of Stupid Pet Tricks-an expansion of the famous David Letterman late night segment-premiering on TBS on Feb. 11. 

1) What was the last book you read?     

The Will to Change , by bell hooks 

2) What's your all-time favorite movie?     

It's a tie between Crimes and Misdemeanor s and Defending Your Life.  

3)What's your favorite Jewish food?     

Kugel, babyyy! 

4) What are you listening to these days? (podcast, musician, song, etc.)    

Anything Bill Callahan or The National. 

5) Who was the last person you texted on your phone?     

My partner, Rory. He's at work and I'm about to record my podcast, and I wanted to ask if I could tell a story about him. (He's taught me it's crucial to ask first! He said yes!) 

6) If you could invite 3 people (famous or not) to a Shabbat dinner, who would they be? 

My sisters ❤️❤️ (One of Silverman's three sisters is Susan Silverman, who is a rabbi living in Jerusalem.) 

7) If you could have any other occupation, what would it be?     

A teacher.  

8) Who are two of your biggest role models?       

 Mr. Rogers, Garry Shandling, my dad, and my sisters. 

9) What are you currently binging on TV?     

  Unforgotten ! It's a British show my sister Jodyne turned me onto. Also , I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson-- brilliant. 

10) If you could offer the teen version of yourself one piece of wisdom, what would it be?   

Stay open, go with your gut, do not take the path of least resistance, and don't try to make yourself small or diminish yourself for a man to love you. 




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