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Peach accent pillows are a nice companion to the deep blues and pale gray walls in this library space. Photo credit: Jodi Morton Design/Dustin Halleck Photography.

Trends, by definition, come and go. My job as an interior designer is to predict which ones will have a place in the canon of timeless design. In 2024, we're seeing a few trends that will endure for years to come.

Color is here to stay, as homeowners are craving spaces that brim with energy and passion. We love to saturate kitchen cabinets, millwork, and custom bookcases with rich tones that are warm, comforting, and livable. Deep blues, chocolate browns, and emerald greens are a few colors being embraced by our clients this year.

Even Pantone's Color of the Year--a soft, peaceful tone called Peach Fuzz--has found its way into some of our interiors, although admittedly only as an accent. I prefer to eat my peaches, not decorate with them, but the delicate shade is a beautiful companion to pale grays and vibrant blues.

Design has always taken inspiration from nature; this year, romantic florals will grace our walls and textiles once again.

If you haven't started investing in art, now is the time. Art collections are always in, and with all the available purchasing options, from brick-and-mortar galleries to online displays, there is no excuse for blank walls. Art is the soul of a home, adding a much-needed personal element that can transform space. 

When budget is tight, we frame large prints from online sources to create impact. And when a client has the time and money to collect more intentionally, we direct them towards work that moves and inspires them.

In the end, your home should always feel original-and specific to you.

Jodi Morton is the founder of Jodi Morton Design, a Chicago-based, full-service interior design studio.




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