Exhausted by the Israel discourse? Blame backlash fatigue.  Influencer Montana Tucker featured a freed Israeli hostage in a skincare promo New York klezmer legend Frank London is gearing up to fight for his life. But first, one more show. Harvard commencement roiled by student walkouts, confrontation involving Chabad rabbi The Jewish Sport Report: Israeli basketball team reunites in NYC after being torn apart by Oct. 7 International Court of Justice orders Israel to halt its Rafah operation Speaker Mike Johnson invites Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress Is a bill targeting support for terrorism a necessary tool after Oct. 7, or authoritarian overreach? Following backlash and cyberbullying, Ms. Rachel sings a prayer ‘for all the children,’ including hostages and Israelis Under fire from Congress, Northwestern’s Jewish president forcefully defends encampment deal Israel’s Jewish humor show offers a serious message for a dark time: We will survive
The Schmooze....

Catching up with Jason Alexander 

Family history, offbeat art

The music of different eras

Supporting Israel’s displaced farmers

Leket Israel helps growers torn from their land by war


Where the Jewish heart is

Every mezuzah has a story to tell

Different ways families embrace mezuzot

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