France’s updated plan to counter antisemitism will bring students to sites of attacks Netanyahu ally wants to stop Diaspora donors from funding pluralistic education in Israeli schools Bob Born, Jewish maker of Peeps marshmallow candies, dies at 98 NBA player Meyers Leonard opens up on his antisemitism scandal to Jewish ESPN reporter Everyone knows about Herzl. Is it time for Max Nordau, the intermarried father of Zionism, to get his due? British clergyman accused of antisemitism is barred from Church of England through 2030 Antony Blinken quotes from Jewish prayer during crucial Israel visit Israeli democracy is ‘robust,’ former PM Naftali Bennett assures New Yorkers Muslim man postpones Torah burning protest outside of Israeli embassy in Sweden After I stopped an attack on the subway, the victim and I bonded over Katz’s pastrami sandwiches Germany returns 16th-century sculpture to heirs of Jewish owner
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