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A ‘Fiddler’ fit for an Opera house and two pianists playing during final weeks of Ravinia Festival

The Lyric Opera is set to open its season with an intriguing production of Fiddler on the Roof (a sign that it is returning to its pre-pandemic practice of mounting a Broadway musical classic each year). And at the same time the Ravinia Festival will continue to present a few more weeks of top-notch programs, including two concerts by solo pianists who both just happen to be Jewish women.

Cheers to a honey of a new year

A celebration for the birth of the world certainly calls for cocktails, and we've got you covered.

New year’s resolutions

Seven ideas for a satisfying 5783

Lion Event to honor Wendy C. Abrams, feature Marlee Matlin

Just before we usher in the Jewish new year, hundreds of women in our community-dedicated to making the year ahead a brighter one for so many--will gather.

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