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Linda Haase explores wants and needs as the pandemic wanes.


In the last year, we've been forced to make our homes our hub for just about everything.


The challenge of COVID has taught us all so much


If you're lucky you--like me--consider your siblings a gift, a relationship unlike any other


The star of the show was always the candle lighting


it's an ideal time to shift into the JOMO mindset, looking less for external rewards and reinforcement, and focusing more intentionally and introspectively.  

Mini Mensches

JUF News is skewing younger these days-to the pint-sized members of your household. 


Let's look ahead to 5781 with hope and faith that the new year will be sweeter than the last.


Challah isn't fast food. No, you can't rush the baking process. 


The Talmud tells us that “a father is obligated to teach his son how to swim.”

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